hello here are games and things

HYPERSUPER CANNON (windows+linux)
arcade-y game about deflecting missiles and stuff. "finished" but still very open to more features

bank battery (working title)
released 03/18/2013
an RPG of sorts. practically featureless at the moment

released & completed 01/20/2013
more of a fun little gag than a game

untitled (2)
released 01/15/2013 - last updated 01/18/2013
a game about doing things to a rhythm. very incomplete

released 07/11/2012 - last updated 08/07/2012
mini roguelike rpg thing. functional but very featureless right now (needs code rewrite)

released 03/20/2012 - last updated 03/30/2012
ultra low-res space shooter. most features only work via debug keys at this point (needs code rewrite)

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