hello here are games and things

released 06/13/2017
[WIP] idle game inspired mostly by Anti-Idle: The Game and ActRaiser. a tribute to bunnies and game design

rPPPPg (working title)
released ??/??/????
[WIP] turn-based RPG inspired mostly by Paper Mario and Undertale. includes functional map editor, NPC scripting, and enemy modding

untitled robot game
released ??/??/????
[WIP] roguelike inspired mostly by FTL and The Binding of Isaac

Catlike Roguelike
released ??/??/????
[WIP] roguelike inspired mostly by Zelda II and Minecraft

HYPERSUPER CANNON (windows+linux)
arcade-y game about deflecting missiles and stuff. "finished" but still very open to more features

completed ??/??/????
a crummy idle game experiment about managing color values

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